Conditions of Charter


The following are defined as:

“COMPANY” shall mean Avon River Cruises Ltd.

“HIRER” shall mean the person responsible for the booking.

The “VESSEL” shall mean the MV “Silver Salmon”.

The “CRUISE” shall mean the chartered trip which the hirer has booked.

The “SKIPPER” shall mean the person nominated by the Company as being in charge of the vessel. 

A “PASSENGER” is any person other than the crew who is on the vessel.

2. BOOKINGS will only be accepted on receipt of the specified deposit. We accept cash, credit cards or cheques payable to “Avon River Cruises Ltd”. Provisional reservations must be confirmed within 7 days

3. PAYMENT  An invoice will be issued showing the deposit paid and the outstanding amount due, payable 21 days prior to the cruise. If the charter date is within 21 days full payment is required with the booking.

Payment for food or any extras is required with the balance of the charter fee, based on estimated numbers for the booking.  Providing the Company is notified of any change in numbers NO LATER THAN 3 DAYS BEFORE THE CRUISE then adjustment to the cost (up or down) will be made.


(i) In the event of cancellation by the hirer – if more than 21 days any deposit paid is forfeited. If we can successfully re-let the booking then the deposit may be transferred to another date. If less than 21 days the hirer shall forfeit all monies paid

(ii) If for any reason it is necessary for the Company to cancel the booking, hire charges will be refunded in full, but the hirer shall have no further claim on the Company.

5. THE SKIPPER shall be in sole charge of the vessel and all aspects of the cruise throughout the trip, and is authorised to take any steps necessary to ensure the safety of the vessel, its passengers and its crew.

6. THE HIRER must be a named individual 21 years of age or over, is responsible for the behaviour of the members of their party and for reimbursing the Company for any damage to its property if caused by them. THE HIRER is also responsible for ensuring that all members of their party are aware of the conditions of charter.

7. All FOOD AND DRINK consumed by passengers on the cruise must be provided by the Company. The Company reserves the right to confiscate any unauthorised alcoholic drink or food brought onto the vessel for the duration of the cruise.

8. SMOKING is not permitted anywhere inside the vessel but only on the open front deck. Any abuse of this or any form of drug use on board could cause the abandonment of the cruise.

9. THE COMPANY reserves the absolute right to alter or amend routes or substitute an alternative craft if ever it is considered necessary.

10. PASSENGERS shall not board or leave the vessel other than by the proper access provided and only when a crew member has confirmed it is safe to do so.11The Company, whilst taking all reasonable precautions, shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury to passengers or their property whilst on board or ashore, however caused.

11. BOARDING is normally 10 minutes prior to departure, and will be from specific locations as agreed.

12. IN THE EVENT of very bad summer weather conditions, for the safety and comfort of passengers the vessel will not cruise onto the river if it is in swell or is running faster than 4 mph.   When in Bristol harbour we will be sailing throughout the year except in the case of exceptionally high winds or extreme icy conditions. Passengers will be warm and dry throughout the winter cruising season.

13. ADVERTISING Hiring a boat (our company), to be used as a public venue followed by further re-sale of tickets is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of the charter. Any party found doing so shall forfeit any monies spent in hiring the boat & any general custom provided on behalf of the company. E.G catering & bar sales.

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